In collaboration with Elizaveta Dremova.  

The Soviet Union collapsed In the 90s. Russian entered into the post-Soviet era went through dramatic changes in all spheres of society. At this time the old values ​​was formally rejected, and the new was not yet formed. Our generation was born in the late ‘80s — early 90s’, it took over the flow of new ideas and ways of being, having incorporated features of the transition state. We were born and grew up in a time when our country was experiencing a break, and we are his reflection. As authors, we construct a portrait of his generation: consider his identity and his ability for introspection.

In the first part of the film the characters respond to the question, what  things, values or events unite us as the generation. Among some unifying factors there are historical events such as the resignation of Yeltsin and the economic crisis in 1998, while for others there are things related to childhood: video game console, or self-made questionnaire for friends, and for others there are the different cultural phenomenons. Another question that comes to the fore: “Is it possible to speak about the whole portrait of this generation?”

Some characters think that this generation is “lost” and they accuse it in excessive infantilism. Others believe that the economic situation influenceed on our consciousness and we grown up faster than we would like. There are those who are not ready to recognize themselves as adults, and a formal set of features (financial independence and take decisions) seem to them as to play into adulthood.

In the second part of the film the characters talk about a society, a civic responsibility and a necessity for changes. Despite the fact that the political contradictions are obvious, the characters agree with each other, that it is easier to pull away, than be taken seriously. Personal happiness will always be more important than social, and political games — no more than a farce.

In the third part the young people talk about Russia and the concept of Russian soul. In the view of the characters Russian people are lazy and sacrifice synchronically, with a sense of national pride and a strong desire to restore justice where its ideals are violated. In general, the concept of Russian soul is a constructed myth than an irrefutable reality.


Разлом. Julia Altukhova, multimedia artist